update... I guess

Hi, guys.

OK, I haven't been eating. Nothing at all for several days now. But the reason for that isn't my wanarexia or whatever. I'm having some serious problems right now. And it makes me wonder about things. About this thing.

There has been a tragedy in our family. I almost can't see because I've been crying that much. There's lot of pain going through my body. And unfortunately, the whole thing is not over yet.

Someone has left us. If I weren't working on this blog for the last couple of days I could perhaps spend more time with him. Who knows, perhaps I could change something... I don't know.

Right now it seems like the most inappropiate thing to make any posts here. I'll try to come back, I promise. Maybe I'm gonna be thin without trying. Pain is a million times stronger than hunger.

Best wishes, lovelies :) (an attempt to smile).


  1. Your words are so full of pain, and though there is no way to know or understand what you are going through, just know we are here sending good thoughts your way. Take care lovely Xo

  2. :( im so sorry, but things will be ok i promise although it seems so hopeless at the moment.

    xoxo i will miss you an im here if you ever want to talk

  3. oh i'm sorry you have to go through whatever it is that's causing you pain. i do hope it gets resolved.
    staystrong, page.

  4. I'm really sorry. I hope things get better for you. Life can be really unfair sometimes. We're here for you, lovely. <3

  5. I understand feeling strange making posts here when something so serious, so indebatably important, is going on. So take a break if you need to. But also remember that even though this is "just a blog" and we all seem "just worried about what we weigh," we're actually real people too, and we care about you. Sometimes you need to reach for support wherever you can get it. I hope everything gets better.

  6. i just came across your blog. please take care...

  7. hello, i just happened to come across your blog. take care, stay strong dear! loves- ray.