that skinny glam

They have a pretty girl next door look.
They have a strong face bone structure.
They have a sense of fashion.
They are famous.
And they are SKINNY.

Emma, Kristen and Miley.

Please, just don't tell me that these girls are such stars just because of their talent (debatable) and personality.

There could be no FAT Bella (Twilight is a fantasy and romantic story - it has to be perfect).
No FAT Emma could ever become a face of Burberry.
And no FAT Miley could rock the stage in those super short pants that skinny Miley obviously loves.

So it's not about the skinny catwalk models that somehow "force" the society to believe that thin = beautiful. It's about the thin girls people chose to like. Because sometimes it's just too difficult to see a beautiful soul and bubbly personality behind some extra fat. It is not fair. It's just the reality.