saturday 8/14

Fasting. Since I have some experience with it I know I have no problem to stand 24 hours without food. The little energy I need I get from sweet drinks. Today it's been: one big pineapple juice, ice coffey and one glass of coke 0.

And again, girls, I thank you. I just subscribed to several blogs and suddenly I got my first followers & comments. I feel very... home. :-) Thank you.

BTW - Am I the only one who thinks this music video sucks?


  1. I'm not a big fan of Pink...so I watched this video on silent while listening to Brand New: Not The Sun and umm...I have to say I kind of enjoyed it? It kind of went together quite well.

    "Don't feed me scraps from your bed
    And I won't be the stray coming back
    Just to be fed
    Don't be waves
    Come to seal my fate, marine
    Just pretend
    That you want me
    And be my babe"

    Anyhoo. Hallo and nice to meet you!

  2. That video was hilariously awful. It was stupid how she wasn't even singing! o.o And what the heck is with the fat chicks? What a weird video, that almost made my day haha.