monday 8/16 (lost 2 pounds)

OK, so yesterday I ate a bit more than what is acceptable for my current ABC. I have tried being stronger today - went through hundreds of thinspo pictures and quotes. However I made one mistake - I was trying to stay away from sweet drinks, which I'm used to drink to get that minimum energy that is necessary for staying active during the day. Finally, I just began to feel really faint and I ate some chocolate and knackebrot with salmon butter and three cherry tomatoes. I was really afraid because I felt like that's a beginning of a binge but I didn't get any closer to the fridge for the rest of the day. :)

And I also stepped on the scale and found out that I've lost two pounds (in about 2-3 days), which makes me feel proud of myself ;). Still I am ashamed to mention any more facts about my weight and measurements and stuff like that... Maybe later :).

Stay strong, ladies. Every day is a new, bright and clean beginning.


  1. wow you have such great control! even if i know i am about to binge there is no stopping me xD
    2 lbs is amazing good jon, you should be proud!
    xoxo keep up the good work

  2. That's awesome!!! Keep up the excellent work :)

    Have a wonderful night :)

  3. Congrats on the 2lbs! oh and on not bingeing, that takes a lot of will power!
    good luck on the ABC (: