why are we meeting here

(I'd love this to be my last "first post" ever.)

I have known the ED community for quite some time. I've never really tried to "get" any ED (later to be self-diagnosed) or look as the skinniest models, but I've always loved to use thinspo and the special atmosphere of the whole ana community as an inspiration and a drive for my diets.

Then two things happened.

First - I found out I got a stomach ulcer (not very bad, but...) from my long time fasting-binging lifestyle. (Which only motivated me not to stop fasting, but to stop binging :-))

And second - I discovered the amazing US/UK/AUS pro-thin community that I have loved ever since. I live in a small country - only few blogs on this topic are written in my language (English is actually my third one) and these sites could not give me the support and the motivation I needed.

So I decided to take my blog where my heart belongs. It's more difficult for me to express my thoughts and feelings in English, however it pays off. I need to lose about 80 pounds so I have to accept all help possible.

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  1. Wow that is amazing that you can write fluently in English. I wish I knew 3 languages! Thanks for following :)