the day I've stopped talking about my diet

There are reasons why people talk about them being dieting. Some people just brag (especially in front of fat "friends"), some need more eyes to watch their eating habits and some just always try to get an extra attention.

But according to my experience no people with serious body/diet/ED issues talk about them publicly. I guess that's one of the reasons why the pro-ana community is so big&tight&sympathetic. Girls who are secretely starving value the virtual place where they can share their thoughts and take a good care for it, since there is no other for them.

The day, when I have stopped talking about my diet and all the other body related issues meant a big change in my life. I don't order low fat meal when being out for a family dinner anymore (instead I am always "too sick to go anywhere"), I don't search for little fitness tips and tricks online anymore (I am all about the big challenges now) and need no one to consult my actions with - I only need an inspiration and place to share.

Being "publicly dieting" and "secretly starving" have nothing in common. They are the opposites of each other.


  1. You have some very good points there. <3

  2. very true, a lot turn out to be attention seekers which gets quite frustrating. although i do like to still share tips and good strategies from other pro anas. i feel like they are best friends, sisters even that i can share anything with so i guess the "not sharing" is the only part i cant relate too ...

    but love your blog (:

  3. excellent points, but I feel the reason we stop talking publicly is because people stop understanding why a thin girl wants to diet.

    I don't think I've ever bragged publicly about dieting or did it for attention, but it's what girls talk about, so I'd share too, except at some point it stops being ok. You figure it's when you reach (what others consider) an appropriate weight and then they start to express their concern for continued restriction or for your poor body image.

    In my life now, if someone asks me if I'm on a diet I'll say no, but then turn down certain foods or eat half of what's in front of me. I guess I feel my silent starvation is more about what is socially accepted than my personal mindset.