tuesday 8/17

What a weird day! I had some work at night so I got to the bed at about 7AM. I felt really hungry and found out that I'm not going to fall asleep like that. So I went to the kitchen and made myself a cabbage (like a slaw). The whole meal was pretty weird but it met my taste perfectly - I needed something very sour and full of vitamins. I didn't have much of it (like one small bowl) and then ate nothing else during the day but the scale didn't move in any way. I guess when one choses the ABC, he/she has to know that the metabolism is going to slow down drastically and every piece of food is just too much.

Not a bad day after all :).

Thank you for you support, guys. You are amazing, xoxo.

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  1. mmm cabbage. i loove cabbage but its funny because before i started trying to lose weight i NEVER ate it. i mean yeah, maybe in chinese stir fry but i swear i never once touched a cabbage in my life. now its like i cant get enough of it, i especially like it sauteed or in soups.
    though i hate the farts i get from eating it :P
    stay strong