... because getting thinner is a romantic journey

I don't count calouries - ever. It doesn't work for me in any way. I always know if I'm doing good or bad.

When I am strong I try to fast.

When I'm a bit weaker I try to eat just a little piece of something that satisfies me for the moment (usually unhealthy stuff - a piece of chocolate, a glass of liqueur... several days ago I made myself ten pieces of french fries for the dinner :-)).

And when I'm really weak I binge so much that it's better not to know any numbers.

Diet/fasting should be in one's body, mind and soul. I can't imagine having it in a calorie counter. After all - my body reacts differently every single day. Sometimes it's very generous, sometimes just too cruel. Just as the whole journey.


  1. Wow, you read my mind.
    Today's meal was vodka on the rocks... my bad ;)
    My body tends to lean toward fasting but I do try to eat a little something every night, because breaking a very long fast often leads to overeating/binging.
    xoxo zen

  2. im the other way around, i do not eat it if i can not know the calories, i am obsessive when it comes to cals.. its great that you've lost 10 pounds already!!

    (: hope ur day was good

  3. Calories suck, just keep watching the numbers that REALLY matter drop, that makes you a lot better than when you know you "only" ate 700 calories for the day.

    Love, x

  4. i have toknow cals as well i freak out ifi dont
    but good for u for now freakingo ut like that

  5. Same I try to count calories though but I can't it just sucks.
    And yeah when Im weak I also binge(worst experience of my life).
    I know you can lose that weight and I'll be here to support you!