high fashion thinspo 2

We hear it all the time - superskinny models are going to be replaced by healthy looking girls and blah blah blah. Let's face it - it's a lie. Most of the clothes just look best on skinny women and designers know that. Yes, there have been some great campaings with healthier looking girls - but these need to have so much more charisma and confidence to rock the runways and photoshoots.

Several months ago I posted some pictures from the Fall 2010 fashion campaigns. I guess it's time for the Spring 2011 update. (Spoiler: Nothing has changed :).)

Stuart Weitzman


Isabel Marant

Proenza Schouler

Calvin Klein



Marc Jacobs

Miu Miu




  1. Ahh, fashion. My mom was an aspiring designer before I was born and I grew up in the world of clothes and modelling...and it's true, clothes look best when there is no extra flesh or meat to interfere with the drape of a garment. It's just how it is. BUT I do think that the amount of thinness can be too extreme in some cases. There's no need for a woman to be nothing but bones in order for the clothes to fit cleanly and display them as they are meant to be displayed.

    Aesthetics are subjective, though, and designers will use the models who sell the line, regardless of what anyone says...money matters more than morals.

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  3. Fashion is the best thinspiration <3

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  5. Everytime I see fashion ads and those girls... i feel even fatter. It is so damn true what you write. <3